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tummy tuck abroad

Tummy Tuck Abroad

  • Results: abdomen restored to its ideal (flat) shape
  • Can be combined with: liposuction and other body and breast reshaping surgeries
  • Trustpilot rating (by UK & EU patients): 4.8/5. Top Clinic in Lithuania, EU
  • Minimum required stay in Lithuania – 5 days; hospitalization – 1 night
We are different: all prices are exact (without hidden costs). Many other clinics increase their initial prices.
All-inclusive tummy tuck prices in € in £
 All-inclusive price for tummy tuck abroad – from €2375 / £2,146
Mini tummy tuck 2375 2,146
Tummy tuck with flanks’ liposuction 3175 2,869
Tummy tuck with flanks’ liposuction (big extent) 3475 3,140
Mommy makeover (tummy tuck + liposuction + breast correction) 5375 4,857
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The price also includes:

  • Finding best air travel & accommodation
  • Personal travel manager & 24/7 assistance
  • Pick up / drop off at the airport, transportation
  • 🌍 Green Choice: we fully offset CO₂ of medical travel
  • Phone + Lithuanian SIM card for unlimited use
  • Free interpreter services if needed
  • Help with after-care and rehabilitation
  • Insurance of up to €50000 / £45,183
Cost comparison – our all-inclusive price:
Average price in the UK / Ireland:

Tummy Tuck Surgery

Pregnancy and/or weight loss may often result in excess abdominal skin, fat, and stretched abdominal muscles. Tummy tuck is aimed to correct that. Essentially, the procedure goes as following: 1) an incision is made around the belly button (usually placed below the bikini line); 2) the muscles underneath are brought together (if they have stretched due to pregnancy) 3) the extra skin is pulled down and removed; 4) the belly button is brought back to its normal location. Read more at the bottom of the page.


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Dr Darius Bagdanavicius
Plastic and reconstructive surgeon. Every year performs over 300 surgeries. Quick facts about the doctor:
  • +10 years of experience;
  • Trained in Italy, Sweden, Holland & Israel;
  • Fluency in English.
Dr Gintaras Papeckys
Dr Gintaras Papeckys is a plastic surgeon with the most extensive international experience. Quick facts about the doctor:
  • 25+ years of experience;
  • 6000+ surgeries performed;
  • Fluency in English & Russian.
Dr Loreta Pilipaityte
Loreta Pilipaityte – Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. The Head of LSMU Kaunas klinikos, Plastic surgery department. Quick facts:
  • Doctor degree in Medicine;
  • Trained in Zurich, Athens and Milan;
  • Fluency in English.
Read more below.
Disclaimer: every result is individual. We put our utmost care to ensure that the patient is happy with it.

Video Testimonials:

tummy tuck abroad   

Offer extended

Medical travel all but stopped in the 1st half of 2020. Hence, our most popular offer – free hotel stay for all mommy makeover patients – is being extended until December 2020. Pay only for the treatment ❤️

*For as long as necessary for the recovery.

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