In addition to tummy tuck

Our patients usually combine multiple cosmetic surgeries. The list below shows the most usual ones with their corresponding guide prices (if undergoing tummy tuck at the same time). Yet, please note that if surgeries could not be carried out at the same time (due to safety), all the additional charges, such as anesthesia, would also be added to the cost of the 2nd surgery.

Breast Surgery
Face Corrections
Body Reshaping
Dermatology & Injections
Please note: Euro (€) prices are fixed; however, actual prices in Great British Pounds (£) may vary due to exchange rate fluctuations.

Our surgeons (Norkus, Stundys & Stankevicius) excels at combining breast corrections with tummy tuck

Before (breast lift)
After (breast lift)
Before (breast reduction)
After (breast reduction)
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